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OMG Hostels: No Fluff, Just the Best Places to Stay and See! Discover exceptional accommodations and must-visit destinations curated just for you. Travel with purpose and experience the essence of each location without any distractions. Your journey starts with us. As a journalist, hostel, business owner, blogger, and website owner, you can add links to for free. We are keen to see you enjoy, love, and share our unique articles and the OMG Top 10 Hostels.

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Specific Hostel Article

Would you like to link to a specific hostel article? It’s simple:

  1. Then, visit the article under
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Media Kit

The media kit is available upon request. Please get in contact


Below, we list the most common questions about linking to us and using content and photos.

Please read carefully through the listed items. If you have any questions, please email us through the form below.

Can you link to for free?

Yes! Linking to is free; you can place as many links on your website as you want.

Can I share the articles written by

Yes! You can share all our free articles on your social media website, like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter.

Can I use the photos on my website?

No. You can only use photos from on your website if you are awarded OMGHostels Top 10, an official partner of, or have a written note by OMGHostels.

You can use the OMGHostels logo to link from your website.

You can purchase a license if you would like to use any photo by OMGHostels.

Please email us for the photo rights you’d like to purchase.

Can I use the content written by on my website?

No. Unfortunately, this is impossible due to copyright and how search engines work. When you copy and paste any of our content on your website, you can hurt your own website. Once Google or any other search engine discovers this copy-and-pasted text, it might look like you have stolen the content, and this can come with an SEO penalty.

Please note: You can quote on your website using a few sentences (3 max.).

Can I use the OMG Top 10 Hostel Badge on my website?

You can only use an OMG Top 10 Hostel Badge if you are an OMG Top 10 Hostel by OMG Hostels.

Only an OMG Top 10 Hostel by OMG Hostels is allowed to use all badges and photos.

How much is it to link to

Free! Linking to is 100% free of charge.

Work with

Would you like to apply to your hostel to become an OMG Hostel’s Top 10?

Would you like to advertise your travel brand and product to our readers?

Please refer to the Work with Us section. Here, we list all possibilities for collaborations.


Do you have any questions? Are you a journalist? Are you a traveler? You can email us at

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